'Flower Power' Photo Series Emphasises Beauty Of Pit Bulls To Help Find Them Homes

'It's all about about challenging the perception we have of pit bulls.'

For years, pit bulls have received something of a bad reputation. And sadly it's putting a lot of people off adopting them.

It's estimated that in America, one million pit bull-type dogs are euthanised every year. This, writes photographer Sophie Gamand on her website, is essentially a "quiet massacre".

"These dogs make people uncomfortable, which has led the country to be faced with a major pit bull crisis," she says.

"Around the world, they are equally victims of prejudices that associate them with ultra-violence and make them disposable dogs."

This is the very reason why Gamand has shot a stunning photo series featuring a selection of pit bull-type dogs wearing flower crowns.

The aim is to show the softer, more beautiful side to the breed.

"I wish for this series to challenge the way we look at pit bull-type dogs, and ultimately the way we treat them," Gamand writes on her website.

"All the models from the series are shelter dogs who were waiting for adoption at the time of the photograph, and were thought to belong to the pit bull group."

She says the flowers are used to remind us that the dogs are fragile and precious, not dangerous, which their reputation suggests.

Gamand continued: "Pit bull-type dogs are like any other dogs: they need proper care, training and socialisation.

"Unfortunately, because of their bad image, they have the false reputation of being more dangerous than other dogs, hence attracting irresponsible primary owners who are looking for a 'scary dog' and seek to develop those traits in them.

"Pit bulls' downfall is to be exactly the way we created them: strong and loyal.

"With this series, I wonder if art is a tool powerful enough it can change pit bulls' fate."

Check out some of the shots from the series below or visit Gamand's website to see more of her work.

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