Following A Toddler's Bedtime Routine Is The Secret To Great Sleep (Yes, Really)

Yes. really. toddler's sleep routines could fix yours.
child sleeps soundly on the bed in a hotel room on vacation while traveling
Svetlana Repnitskaya via Getty Images
child sleeps soundly on the bed in a hotel room on vacation while traveling

In our busy lives, it’s easy to neglect the important things that we take for granted such as three square meals a day and healthy sleeping habits.

Improving sleep can be difficult to put into practice and it seems that many of us struggle since, according to NHS Inform, one in three people in the UK struggles to get some decent shut-eye.

However, Dr. Hasan Merali, a paediatrician and child researcher believes that the solution to improving our sleep habits may actually be getting into the sleep routine of a toddler.

By this, he does not mean fighting with your parents just to get the sleep that you so desperately, clearly, need but instead having specific things you do in the lead-up to bedtime that prepare you for a night of rest.

The toddler sleeping habits that could save your sleep

Set a bedtime, and stick to it

Toddlers have a strict bedtime in most households and according to sleep experts, so should we.

According to The NHS: “A good sleep routine should include having a set time to start winding down – and a way to relax is important too. Going to bed and getting up at fixed times is another good sleep habit.”

They added that ideally, a sleep routine should be the same every day, including weekends.

Of course, this won’t always be possible — just like it isn’t with toddlers — but the more regular your sleep routine is, the more you’ll benefit from it.

Get a warm shower or bath a couple of hours before bed

A study published in 2019 examined 13 different adult studies and found that scheduling a hot bath or shower one or two hours before a planned bedtime significantly shortened the time it took to go to sleep, even if the rinse lasted as little as 10 minutes.

This is thought to be because humans naturally drop their body temperature prior to and during sleep, which helps them remain asleep and going for a warm shower or bath accelerate this cooling.

Do something relaxing before bed

Of course, for toddlers, bedtime is often time for reading and storytelling but actually, these are just as effective wind-down activities for adults.

However, if reading isn’t your jam, you could also do adult colouring in books, a simple craft like cross-stitch or even listen to some relaxing music. Anything that helps you to feel calmer and ready for a good rest.