Best Foodie Snapchat Accounts: 9 People To Get You Back In The Kitchen

No more takeaway for us.

The rise of the foodie has no doubt been accelerated by Instagram and everyone trying to nail the secret of achieving the ultimate brunch flat-lay.

But now the best place to follow your favourite foodies behind the scenes is Snapchat.

Molly Yeh/Instagram

Instead of the curated meal highlights, you get to see them eating everyday, spend time in home kitchens (luckily they’re as messy as ours) and witness plenty of cooking fails...

Molly Yeh

Molly moved from Brooklyn to a farm in North Dakota with her first-generation husband Nick (better known as egg boy). Molly spends her days on the farm with her chickens, driving tractors and cooking. Jealous much?

Username: molly.yeh

Jamie Oliver

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is just as likable on his Snapchat account as he comes across on his TV shows. Follow his travels around the world, his family life and get first look at exciting new projects.

Username: jamieo1975

Rosie Londoner

Let's avo-cuddle ☕️

A photo posted by Rosie Londoner (@rosielondoner) on

Rose Thomas is a Londoner who should win an award for the most delicious looking brunch snaps on the planet. Able to make even a humble avocado on toast look sensational, expect lots of Snaps of her dog Custard, Notting Hill and a good dose of fashion too.

Username: rosielondoner

Niamh Shields

Niamh is an Irish Londoner, who studied to be a scientist but turned food writer after her blog really took off. Expect funny snaps of all her kitchen creations and a lot of girl power. Niamh says: “Why should eating like a girl be a bad thing? Don’t we eat too? Real food, delicious food, food that is packed with flavour?”

Username: eatlikeagirl

Gina Homolka

New Yorker Gina is a multi-tasking supermum, looking after two daughters, writing a book, a photographer and running a blog full time (not to mention still serving up the most delicious looking meals).

Username: skinnytaste

Tanya Burr

You may recognise Tanya from her well-known beauty YouTube channel, but now Tanya has branched into the world of cooking, and frequently snaps delicious brunch locations in London and herself baking at home with her adorable sausage dog Martha.

Username: tanyaburrbearr

Eden Grinshpan

TV presenter Eden has her own cooking program Eden Eats, which of course makes her a complete Snapchat natural. And she has a degree in pastry cooking...can this girl be our BFF?

Username: edeneats

Reem Kanj

So happy to introduce @daniellepeazer to my fave spot. So lovely catching up with you boo. 🙌🏼

A photo posted by Reem Kanj (@reemkanj) on

Reem splits her time between London and Dubai, where her sister Natalya lives, snapping her way through the most delicious looking restaurants both places have to offer. She is the world’s biggest Dishoom fan, so expect plenty of curry snaps and great restaurant recommendations.

Username: reemkanj

Gaby Dalkin

Los Angeles based Gaby has the kind of California life we all secretly want - farmers markets, salads and plenty of sunshine. But she also says she could never live without cheese and “slutty brownies”, so we know we’d get along well.

Username: whatsgabycookin

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