Psst! Foreo's Award-Winning Skin Firmer Is 41% Off On Cyber Monday

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Foreo's UFO light therapy massage device, the Bear microcurrent device and the Luna 3 sonic facial cleanser are all on sale for Black Friday.

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Even as a self-proclaimed skincare obsessive, I know that all the potent retinol serums and luxury creams in the world can’t truly stop the natural ageing of skin, particularly when it comes to sagging. Ingredient-driven topicals can be useful when it comes to addressing the signs of premature skin ageing, but I’m on the quest to find skincare that’s deeper than the skin’s surface – without having to go under the knife to get it.

Microcurrent devices had been on my curiosity radar for a couple of years. The idea behind these tools is that they use low-level electrical impulses to stimulate facial muscles in order to achieve a number benefits for the skin, particularly firming and toning effects.

Now that these devices have left the exclusive realm of medi-spas and landed on the shelves of mainstream retailers, I managed to get my hands on one in particular: the Bear, which is made by Foreo, a Swedish beauty brand bent on bringing this clinically effective technology right into your home.

The Bear is available at a brilliant Black Friday discount of 41% off from now until December 4.

Get 41% off Foreo's award-winning Bear device

Similar to its competitors, Foreo’s Bear uses a range of 10 different electrical impulse intensities that trigger muscle movement and help exercise the underlying areas of the face that are partially responsible for keeping skin perky and facial contours more prominent. Although there aren’t studies that support the company’s claim that the Bear can help improve elasticity and collagen production over time, there are studies that show microcurrents can reduce the appearance of fine lines.

The Bear combines its microcurrents with sonic massage, a transdermal technology found across all Foreo products that may help reduce the appearance of fine lines.

If you’re wondering if I feel this device actually achieved all of this in the two months that I have been using it, the short answer is yes.

Immediately after my first two and half minute all-over face session, I saw my cheeks look more plump and pronounced and the contour line that ran beneath my cheeks down to my jawline was more defined. Whether this is permanent or more temporary change remains to be seen, but the company claims that with consistent use, muscles become trained to maintain this appearance.

When it comes to long-term results, I have noticed a softening of some of my more stubborn fine lines, like the elevens in between my eyebrows and the marionette lines around my mouth.

Other reviewers say they have seen similar results with one person claiming that “after three weeks of use, I’m seeing an improvement in my neck and forehead — specifically the elevens. My jaw also appears more sculpted. The short treatment times make it easy to incorporate into my morning routine. The Bear has surpassed my expectations.”

How I get the most out of my Bear

To use the Bear, I just sync it up with the Foreo app on my phone (a painless process, I assure you), pick my desired intensity and chose from a library of short guided facial workouts that target a variety of muscles, like the forehead or along the jawline. This is probably one of my favourite aspects of The Bear, because it ensures that you’re exercising each part of your face evenly and not exceeding the recommended time limit.

I then apply a generous amount of the hydrating conductive serum to my face, an essential step due to the fact that the gel helps transfer the microcurrents into the skin while preventing any uncomfortable static feeling from using the device. Finally, following the instructional video, I glide the hypoallergenic spheres along my skin in an upward motion, a process that takes some getting used to because you can feel and see your muscles twitch uncontrollably as the electrical impulses reach below the skin.

If the idea of electricity being applied to your skin is a bit scary, know that Foreo boasts an anti-shock system which uses smart sensors to scan and measure your skin’s resistance to electricity and maintain it for the optimal level of your skin. I’ll also add that making sure to keep both of the spheres on your skin at the same time will help to prevent you from feeling any “thwack” of electricity on your skin.

Overall, if you have the money to spare, and you’re concerned with facial volume loss, elasticity and fine lines, I think it’s worth it to scroll back up and splurge, especially since you can snag the Bear for 41% of its regular price, until December 4.

Read on for details of two other sonic skin care gadgets from Foreo that are also currently on sale, each one promising clinical and effective results.

The UFO 2 5-in-1 facial device (50% off)
When discussing skin care, there's always talk about ingredient penetration and what we can be doing to ensure that our skin is getting the most out of the products we are using. This 5-in-1 facial device aims to help with just that, while also offering the myriad benefits of light therapy and sonic massage.

I actually look forward to using the UFO, mostly because it feels so good on my face, but also because I've been a big proponent of light therapy. Using the app, you can choose between eight different full-spectrum and ultraviolet-free light settings, each one aimed at addressing a specific skin concern, from collagen loss to acne and inflammation to dullness. My favorite is the yellow setting which instantly calms my sensitive and perpetually red skin and patches of keratosis plilaris.

You can choose from various pre-programmed mask treatments as well as thermo- or cryotherapy settings. Thermo is designed to push skin care ingredients deeper into the epidermis as the heated surface passes across your skin, while the cold treatment claims to depuff, and both feel incredible. You can purchase Foreo masks that are designed to attach to the UFO, however I just use the device directly on top of my own favorite serums to achieve the same effect.
The Luna 3 facial cleansing device (39% off)
I made the switch to silicone facial brushes years ago and I've never looked back, specifically because they do a superior job of getting my skin clean and lightly exfoliated (something I feel my fingertips just don't live up to). The Luna 3 employs all the hallmark qualities of a good sonic facial cleansing device: It's gentle enough for my sensitive skin yet also effective enough to eliminate every stitch of debris in its path. No pesky smears of foundation are left on your cotton pad with this guy.

It uses ultra-sonic vibrations that are channeled through soft and hypoallergenic bristles to effectively remove residue, while clearing the way for better skin care product absorption. I've also found after regular use, this has made my skin softer and left me with fewer clogged pores.

You can also flip the facial brush around and use the rippled surface, combined with low frequency pulsations, to give your face a relaxing massage.