Tired Of Foundation-Covered Hands? You Need This Makeup Hand Palette

"It's one of the greatest tools I have."

In a perfect world, doing your makeup would be a seamless, mess-free affair. Instead, you’re often left with foundation smudged all over your hands – whether you use a brush, sponge or your fingers.

But that could all be about to change, thanks to this handy Makeup Hand Palette from British beauty brand, MakeupboxLdn. The £12 acrylic clip slides onto your hand, so you can blend your cream products without any mess.

It’s also the perfect canvas to customise bespoke lipstick colours by mixing two shades together – so it’s no wonder it’s received rave reviews online.

One person, who gave it five stars, wrote: “I get so tanned in the summer, then so pale in the winter, so this is useful for mixing my foundations to get the right shade!” Another called it “one of the greatest tools I have.”

The clip is easy to clean, so you can forget scrubbing at your foundation-stained hands in the toilets at work. And it’s particularly useful if you have sensitive hands – prone to eczema or dry skin – that could be irritated by layers of makeup coating them.

The hand palette was created by a professional makeup artist called Emily, who grew frustrated with constantly having makeup stained hands after working with clients or on a shoot.

You can shop it at MakeupboxLdn.com, where it’s currently on offer from £15 down to £12 – but you can also get your hands on it on Amazon.

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