27/07/2017 14:59 BST | Updated 28/07/2017 13:58 BST

'Four In A Bed': 26 Things That Are Guaranteed To Happen In Every Single Episode

Yeah, we'll stick with an Airbnb, thanks.

Four In A Bed’ might not be destination viewing, but when we’re scrolling through our TV guide desperately searching for something to veg in front of that doesn’t feature ‘real’ housewives or a Kardashian, we invariably end up in a ‘Four In A Bed’ hole.

Like its natural TV bed fellow (sorry) ‘Come Dine With Me’, once you’ve watched the first episode, there’s no going back as the drama unfolds.

Not an episode goes by without accusations of ‘game play’, the mention of ‘cheap sausages’ or dust being discovered underneath the shag pile.

Seriously, who needs ‘Emmerdale’? 

Here’s the 26 things guaranteed to happen in every single episode...

1. The four sets of B&B owners meet each other, and are literally...

 2. For literally 2 seconds...

3. But at least each couple have each other...

4. After being shown to their rooms, they’re all like...

5. There’s just so much to take in...

6. Then they get to work

8. And when they find a single stray pube after stripping the bed of a duvet, three layers of sheets, a mattress protector and turning the bed upside down, they’re like...

9. But inside they’re really...

10. Room inspections done, it’s time for the hosts to reveal what activity they have in store for their guests

11. Time for dinner and the chance for everyone to eye up the competition

12. And to make a good first impression

13. Alas, it doesn’t always go that way

14. And so to bed

15. Wakey wakey! Rise and shine!

16. Breakfast is never a relaxed affair

17. But nothing’s too much trouble for the hosts

18. Meanwhile, in the kitchen...

19. Breakfast done and dusted, it’s time for that all important feedback

20. This never ends well

Channel 4

21. Initially, as the group gather to discuss their feedback, it’s all like...

22. Then that dirty plug hole gets brought up

23. And seriously, did they really need to mention the cheap sausage?

24. The winner is eventually announced

25. Everyone lies that they look forward to staying in touch

26. Before dragging themselves away to their car, feeling so much richer for the experience

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