Father's Day 2016: 10 Dads Who Are Nailing Fatherhood

Winning at life.

Dads are great, aren't they?

Whether they're cracking one of their dad jokes or trying their hardest to embarrass the kids, they never fail to make this parenting malarkey a little bit more light-hearted.

In the spirit of Father's Day (19 June), we've rounded up some of the funniest (and most heartwarming) stories so far this year that will make you laugh out loud.

1. The dad with the 73-point checklist


2. The dad who vowed to grow his beard back

When his son sobbed when he shaved his beard off, he promised he'd never do it again.


3. The dad who praised stay-at-home mums

He wrote: "That was only 16 hours of being a mum. And I failed.”

4. The dad who sneaked a rude joke into this photo

Who wants a standard photo when you can have the word "bum hole" in the background?

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5. The dad who pranked his wife by photoshopping their baby

When his wife went back to work, he promised he'd send updates.

6. The dad who hadn't quite mastered being a dad

“Man’s thoughts: ‘What if I drop her?’ Baby: ‘What if he drops me?’”

7. The dad with the protective toddler

Pillow fight? This dad's toddler has his back.


8. The dad who wouldn't let his daughter have a boyfriend

His explanation will is the best yet. Nothing is changing his mind.


9. The dad with four daughters

His running commentary of the ups and downs of having four little girls will make you laugh out loud - seriously.

10. The dad who woke his daughter up in the best way

His calming hack puts a huge smile on his daughter's face.

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