19/04/2017 10:21 BST

Parents Receive Note From Seven-Year-Old's 'School' About Why He Needs To Play More Video Games

'Nathan has been doing good in all his classes.' 😏

A seven-year-old boy thought he’d get one over on his mum and dad by forging a note to them about why he needs to play more video games.

Of course, the result was as hilarious as you’d expect.

The letter from “the school” started: “Dear parents, Nathan has been doing good in all his classes except for video game class!”

It gets better, guys. 

It went on: “If he does not stay up all night playing video games, he will get kicked out of school!!!” 

The letter continued: “Start letting him stay up all night and start tonight. He can play anything, computer, Wii, iPad, phone and any other electronick [sic].

“From, the school.”

Top marks for effort, Nathan. Sadly we don’t think the plan is foolproof. 

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