15 Tweets Accurately Describing The Hellscape That Is Parenting On A Hangover

Why do we do it to ourselves?
Tom Haigh via Getty Images

If you rang in the New Year last night and are nursing a sore head this morning, you’re probably contending with the fact you’ve now got a day (or two, if you’re really lucky) of looking after your kids while your brain tries to escape your skull.

Never fear though, you’re certainly not alone in your struggles. These tweets are proof that hangovers and being a parent certainly don’t, under any circumstances, mix. But we’ll do it all again next year anyway...

1. This video is *the* most accurate depiction of the struggle we’re all facing right now

2. Trampolining on a hangover is probably not advised

3. See also: potty training

4. Why do we do it to ourselves?

5. There is no respite for a hungover parent

6. Sometimes you have to do whatever works for you. And sometimes that means chips and guac for breakfast

7. Why would anyone ever knowingly drink alcohol knowing this awaits them the following day?

8. Behold: parenting with a hangover 2.0

9. PSA: don’t drink the night before any live action children’s show. It’s not worth it

10. Hideous is an understatement

11. Sometimes you’ve got to celebrate those small wins...

12. We repeat: greasy snacks are essential

13. If you’re not bribing your kids, you’re doing it wrong

14. When your hangover renders you into a horizontal, immovable state, you’re going to have to contend with being sat on

15. All in all, not an experience we want to repeat in a hurry

For those now wondering how on earth they can cope with today’s hangover, check out these tips from parents on how they’ve survived one with kids in tow (the racetrack idea is pretty genius) and if all else fails, take a leaf out of Jenny Hicken’s book...