How To Cope With Your Kids On A Hangover

Your tried-and-tested survival guide right here 👌

It’s the morning after the night before and you instantly regret the copious amount of alcohol you consumed, especially as your headache is being compounded by the sound of your kids screaming in the next room.

So how the hell do you handle your kids while hungover? We spoke to Channel Mum and also reached out to parents on Facebook to find out how they manage to handle being a parent after a boozy night. Here’s their tried-and-tested survival guide:

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1. Become a racetrack.

We love this idea from Cathy Ranson, editor of, who explained: “Lay on the floor and turn your back into a racetrack.

“The kids can push cars over your back - you’ll get a nice massage and can rest your weary eyes whilst the kids have fun.”

2. Play sleeping lions.

The obvious game that will be music to your ears: “Try a game - or several - of sleeping lions,” advised Ransom.

“Kids love it and you get to close your eyes for a few minutes.”

3. Send them for a sleepover.

Do you have grandparents nearby? Darina Glackin on Facebook advised putting in a cheeky request for a sleepover before the big night out.

“Send them to the grandparents for a sleepover and don’t pick them up until lunchtime,” she said.

4. Have a PJ and duvet day.

Think about it, how many times do you have to persuade your kids to put their coats on and get outside for a day? On a hangover day, do the opposite - and they’ll probably love you for it.

“Pyjama days solve everything,” said Ranson. “Get the kids to drag their duvets down and put on their favourite movie. Just don’t snore too loudly otherwise they’ll get mad with you.”

5. Head to soft play.

Mum, Eleanor Duke suggested taking your kids to soft play, seeing as (depending on your child’s age) parents can watch from afar.

Totally understand if you’d rather steer clear due to the noise of screaming kids, though.

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6. Get cooking.

You need carbs, they’ll be hungry.

Ranson advised: “Get cooking: Bacon sarnies, stodgy cakes, cookies - anything with carbs to cure the hangover is a good idea and licking the bowl is definitely allowed, especially by you.”

7. Give them what they want.

“Put the TV on, get them in bed with you and just give the kids what they want,” advised Tara Morris on Facebook.

“Shameful I know.”

8. Try a brisk walk.

Depending on the type of person you are on a hangover, you either want to a) stay in bed all day or b) get out the house and get some fresh air.

If you’re the latter, Ranson advised: “Wrap up warm, get out into the ice chill and go for a brisk walk. The exercise will make you feel better and you can reward yourself with a warming hot cho‎colate.”

But guys, if you’re reading this in preparation for the big night out and don’t think any of the above will get you through your dire hangover - we’re afraid your only two options left are:

9. There is one surefire solution (sorry).

Follow HuffPost UK’s news editor’s advice: Jacqui Housden told us: “My advice is don’t get drunk.

“I fear the idea of dealing with a child whilst hungover more than almost anything.”

10. Alternatively... take it in turns.

Decide between you and your partner who is going to drink and sadly, who isn’t.

Chloe Mumberson said on Facebook: “What hangovers? I don’t get the chance to get drunk anyway. If and when it does happen... [make sure] only one of you has a hangover at a time so the other can look after the kids.”

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