14 Tweets That Accurately Sum Up Your Feelings Towards Estate Agents

'It doesn't have an oven but it does have this beautiful window.'

If you don’t plan on living in your parents’ box room for the rest of your life, you will have to put on your adult hat and deal with estate agents at some point.

These 14 tweets sum up our eternal frustration towards the people who hold the keys to a mouldy, damp-riddled kingdom, and stretch the word ‘cosy’ to its outer limits.

1. Instantly wishing you could return to life pre-estate agents.

2. Admiring their ever-generous property descriptions.

3. And liberal use of inappropriate adjectives.

4. Not forgetting their unbridled enthusiasm.

5. And remarkable photography skills.

6. Remembering you’re actually paying for this service.

7. Considering destroying your SIM card when they get hold of your phone number.

8. If you could physically set fire to your inbox you would.

9. Wondering if they’re secretly all just witches.

10. Knowing that you’re not alone in your loathing.

11. Making the obvious comparisons.

12. Wondering how you’ll ever be free of their clutches.

13. Then realising you won’t.

14. And if the estate agents don’t push you to your limits, they know someone else who will.

Mum, can we come home?