20 Little Game-Changers Professional Cleaners Say They'd Never Be Without

All approved by the pros, these products definitely deserve a spot in your cleaning cupboard.
According to the professionals, these are the products worth adding to your cleaning kit in 2023
According to the professionals, these are the products worth adding to your cleaning kit in 2023

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I don’t know about you, but I’m always coming across chat online about some other new ‘must-have’ cleaning product that’ll supposedly completely upgrade the state of my home. But rather than trusting a random old school friend on Facebook, I’ve decided to put my faith in the professionals.

So, here are twenty top products you definitely won’t regret adding to your cleaning kit —as recommended by professional cleaners, themselves!

Clean everything from your oven to your tub with this cream paste
This multi-purpose product has garnered quite the following – and rightfully so. It’s super affordable, is filled with natural ingredients, and tackles everything from rust and grease, to hard water stains.
These microfibre cloths are an everyday essential for any cleaning kit
Effective even with just water, these reusable cloths are a worthwhile addition to any cleaning kit. They’re suitable for use on all surfaces, and can be tossed in the washing machine after use.
A lesser-known fact is that baking soda is a great all-purpose cleaner
A non-scratch cleaner made from completely natural ingredients, baking soda can be used to tackle burnt-on pan stains, get spills out of carpets, and even deodorise a smelly fridge.
And so is white vinegar, as it’s a natural disinfectant
The same can be said for white vinegar, which you can use for a myriad of tasks. It’s particularly useful for cleaning glass, as it leaves a great streak-free finish.
This extendable microfibre duster can reach all tricky spots
Super easy to extend, retract., and rotate, this telescopic duster is basically the cobweb master, and will trap and hold on to dust particles rather than simply spreading them around your home.
Use this powerful spray to get rid of limescale
Boasting a professional formula, this foam solution will quickly and easily remove limescale and other deposits from tiles, shower doors, taps, and more.
These magic erasers can remove tough stains from any hard surfaces
Whether it’s marker pen, oil, mud, or coffee, the professionals swear by these magic eraser sponges for removing tricky stains from any hard surface.
While this solution does the same for carpets and rugs
When faced with a red wine stain on your pristine white carpet, this bestselling Dr. Beckmann product should be your first port of call.
Spray this on your shower just once a week to prevent any grime build-up
This genius shower solution comes with a handy hose, and is designed to be sprayed, left, and rinsed after eight hours. There’s no scrubbing required, and you’ll genuinely be amazed by the amount of grime that comes right off your tiles.
Use these drain cleaning sticks to deal with drain blockages
Far better than trying to fish out hairs with a straw, these enzyme-packed sticks slowly dissolve, breaking down whatever's in your drain with them. Plus, they leave a lovely smell behind, too.
And then prevent further build-up by buying a TubShroom
This genius invention is super easy to clean when removed, and traps all hair and debris before it has the chance to wreak havoc down your drains.
Tackle mould, mildew, and grimy grouting with this powerful spray
Especially great for using in the bathroom, this nifty spray eliminates nasty mould stains, as well as preventing any regrowth. Just beware that it packs a real punch, so make sure you crack open a window while you’re using it.
And these bestselling brushes will help you get in all the gaps
In this handy set, you’ll get a larger brush for tackling tile grouting and shower door tracks, and a smaller one with a wiper blade that’ll help you get into any tight spots and crevices.
This toilet cleaning kit will clean up even the crustiest of loos
A hard-working solution, this toilet cleaner reaches below the surface of your toilet and tackles light limescale buildup and grime. Expect a far nicer looking loo.
And keep it cleaner for longer with this hygienic silicone brush and holder
Nothing makes me feel more violently sick than a traditional toilet brush with bristles that have seen far better days. So, I’m elated that the professionals seem to approve of this far more hygienic silicone set.
This spin mop and bucket set will leave your hard floors sparkling
With its spinning drain mechanism in the bucket, and machine washable microfibre mop heads, it's not surprising that this mop and bucket set is such a bestseller.
Deal with both old and new mattress stains with this powerful spray
Penetrating deep into the fibres to lift both fresh and dried-in stains with ease, this spray is a must-have product.
This handy lint roller is perfect for picking up fluff and pet hair
Quickly remove pet hairs, balls of fluff, and crumbs from your sofa and soft furnishings with these handy lint rollers.
Swap the flimsy bin bags for these eco ones that won’t split open
There’s nothing worse than going to empty the bin, only for the bag to split, and your floor getting covered with a load of disgusting juice and rubbish. Both durable and eco-friendly, this roll of fifty bags are made of far stronger stuff.
Tackle tough cleaning jobs with this paste and sponge duo
In this kit, you’ll get a biodegradable and non-toxic paste that's perfect for cleaning the oven to the shower screen, and a cult-favourite Scrub Mommy sponge to apply it with.