17 Ways To Make Your Stained And Unsightly Loo Look Brand New

You can finally say goodbye to those stubborn brown stains and germ-filled dirt.
These aren’t just your bog-standard products
These aren’t just your bog-standard products

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Do you live in a hard water area and find yourself constantly scrubbing away the unsightly brown stains of your limescale-loving loo? Or perhaps you’re struggling to get rid of the build-up underneath the toilet rim? Either way, toilets are known to carry lots of bacteria and germs, rightfully making them a priority on the cleaning list.

If you’re tired of your high-maintenance toilet needing constant upkeep, but don’t want to break the bank on a new loo and plumbing expenses, you can save your pennies and give your toilet a new lease of life with these must-have cleaning staples...

This all-in-one cleaning kit will renovate your toilet
Give your toilet pan a new lease of life with this complete cleaning package, as it works to remove stubborn limescale, dirt and stains. This kit includes a renovation cleaner, a scrubber, a non-scratch scrubbing pad and two gloves, so you’ll be all set to reveal a clean and fresh loo.
Keep your lavatory pristine with this eco-friendly cleaner
Made from plant-based ingredients, this cleaner allows you to do a thorough clean without those harsh chemical smells. Keeping your loo naturally spotless with its triple-action formula, this product makes the cleaning process just that little bit more bearable.
If you can’t keep those annoying hard water stains away, this pumice stone tool might just be your answer.
When your other cleaning tools just aren’t quite up to scratch, this pumice stone works to gently remove limescale and hard water stains with a bit of light pressure. Its durable handle and clever shape work great to get into those little nooks and crannies, all whilst keeping your hands clean.
Upgrade your toilet cleaning game with this foaming powder
Simply pour the sachet of powder, along with a cup of hot water, into the toilet and watch the foam develop. After 10 minutes, just brush and flush to remove tough dirt, bad odours, and limescale deposits. Cleaning your toilet has never been so easy.
These super-absorbing spongey cloths will be your go-to cleaning tool
Holding up to seven times their own weight in water, these cloths are great for quickly grabbing and wiping away any dirt. You don’t have to stress about them tearing apart or leaving any lint behind, as these durable drip-free cloths are designed to do the job efficiently, only releasing everything you’ve wiped up when you rinse.
Get up to 12 weeks of freshness with this trio of limescale-busting blocks
These toilet blocks will have you enjoying a fuss-free and fresh loo with each flush. Just pop a block into the toilet cistern and leave it to work its magic, preventing build-ups of dirt and limescale. This will keep your whole toilet system hygienic in between deep cleans.
Unveil your toilet’s shining exterior with these bathroom wipes
Say bye-bye to both visible and invisible dirt on your toilet with these biodegradable eucalyptus wipes. Whether you need a quick last-minute clean before an unexpected guest comes to visit, or you just want to keep it shining as you use it, this cleaning essential will leave your surfaces sparkling and with a refreshing fragrance.
These curved brushes will get into those little spaces that you just can’t reach
With its small yet flexible size, this V-shaped brush boasts softly dense bristles and an ergonomically curved handle so you can champion a deep clean. Reach those tiny corners and easily brush under the toilet’s rim for an all-round clean.
Clean your toilet of germs and bacteria with this disinfectant spray
Spray this disinfectant on the outside of your toilet to remove any harmful germs that may be living on your loo. This non-bleach spray is ideal for everyday cleaning as it eliminates almost all bacteria.
Get rid of any bad odours with this toilet freshener
Trap any unpleasant smells in the toilet bowl and flush them away with this handy little bottle. With just a few sprays into your loo, remove any odours and leave behind a refreshingly clean citrus scent, that will have any guests impressed.
Adopt a hassle-free toilet cleaning routine with these automatic freshening gel discs
If your toilet cleaner cage is making home to dirt and germs, then this gel-based stain remover might be for you. Sticking straight onto the toilet bowl, these discs prevent the build-up of limescale and stains with every flush, without the need to even touch or scrub.
This smart silicone toilet brush will take your deep cleans to the next level
Forget harsh bristled brushes, this soft silicone head can be rotated in a U-shape to ensure you can get into any groove, from the toilet rim to down the bowl. You’ll be able to maintain the perfect clean as this rubber head won’t wear out or change its shape. Also, no more dripping onto the floor with its sealed ventilation base that catches any leftover water, plus the holder lets the brush air dry quickly.
This handy microfibre cloth duo makes for an effortless clean
Make cleaning a breeze with these super absorbing microfibre cloths. Use either wet or dry to trap dust or shine your toilet seat, just simply buff away your go-to disinfectant spray and say hello to a streak-free sparkle.
This disposable toilet wand is already preloaded with cleaner
Effectively eliminating bacteria, this handy disposable toilet brush is ready to go with cleaner already preloaded into the disposable head. This sanitary alternative can achieve a 360° clean around the toilet bowl, without touching the outside surface. Once finished you can pop the head in the bin and swap it out for a fresh one.
A Dishmatic is a great cleaning tool for the bathroom too
Need a speedy way to clean your toilet? You may already use a Dishmatic for your washing up, but it’s also a nifty tool for scrubbing your toilet clean in less than 5 minutes. Simply pop your cleaning liquid of choice, or even part dish soap and part white vinegar, into the handle and get scrubbing. Just make sure you buy a new one, especially for your toilet of course.
This multi-purpose liquid is a staple for making sure your toilet comes up sparkling
White vinegar is the must-have cleaning essential for your home, so of course you can use it in the bathroom too. Just pour some into your toilet bowl and let it sit for a few minutes, even better if you can leave it overnight, before scrubbing it away. This is sure to make your loo look as good as new.
Got stubborn stains? This baking soda cleaner does the trick
If you’ve got stubborn stains that just aren’t coming out, this baking soda cleaner is a perfect (and cheap) solution. Shake this non-scratch, natural powder onto your area of choice, before adding hot water (or even after your white vinegar) and leave to soak away.