24/10/2016 16:39 BST

GAME Is Charging Customers For A Sales Pitch Of PlayStation VR And People Aren't Happy

Thanks, but no thanks.

Still unsure about whether PlayStation VR is worth the hype

Well whatever you decide, you probably won’t want to head to GAME to mull it over as it’s going to cost you. 

The UK retailer have now made it store policy to charge for the sales pitch when customers enquire about the PSVR in store.

Advertising the promotion on their Twitter pages, GAME said: “Thinking about purchasing PSVR? Come and try it in store today! £5 for 10 minutes or £15 for 30 minutes.”

While the VR demos arguably require a little bit of assistance from staff - mostly with fitting the headset in the first place - the arrangement isn’t proving to be too popular with customers on Twitter.

Some people have even accused the shop of illegal activity, breaching the user agreement with SONY by offering this service. 

Other customers have just decided to use the whole thing as an entrepreneurial opportunity to make themselves a bit of cash on the side.

Ben Potter offered a test drive at a lower rate of £2.50 for 16 minutes at a time. 

Sounds good to us.