11 Brilliant Things That Happened At The Game4Grenfell Match Today

1) The biggest cheer wasn’t for the celebrities

Two cultures collided in the shadow of Grenfell Tower as stars from the worlds of showbiz and soccer teamed up to raise funds for people hit by the tragedy.

The Game4Grenfell at QPR’s Loftus Road stadium, just a mile from the tower, kicked off before a sell-out crowd.

There was a sombre mood to begin as those present held a minute’s silence for the at least 80 lives lost in June.

But the atmosphere soon changed as Homeland actor, Damian Lewis, had predicted. He told the Press Association: “I grew up very close to here and play football in the shadow of the tower every week, and have done for 25 years.

“We hope today will be a healing and festive occasion. It’s important to let them know we haven’t forgotten.”

Before we go over the highlights, here’s Matt Lucas with a reminder of how you can still donate.

Let’s begin.

1) The Biggest Cheer Wasn’t For The Celebrities

The stadium, which houses some 20,000, erupted in cheers as the likes of Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho, singer Olly Murs and former England goalkeeper David Seaman ran onto the pitch but the loudest moment was a poignant one.

2) Kasabian’s Amazingly Sombre Attempt At Looking Positive

Needs work...

Around 2,000 complimentary tickets were given to those directly affected, including residents, relatives of the victims, volunteers and members of the emergency services.

All other ticket money is going to the Evening Standard’s fund for those touched by the tragedy, which claimed at least 80 lives in June.

3) This Juxtaposition

4) This Shirt Number

5) Jamie Dornan Fans Lost Their Sh*t

Comedian Jack Whitehall, nursing an injured arm, insisted he would still play.

He said: “I think they want me to go up against Jamie Redknapp. It’s kind of unfair but they think it will be funny.

“Today is an amazing cause, a thing that everybody wanted to get involved in. It’s wonderful and I’m really pleased to be a part of it.”

6) Mo Farah Did What He Does Best - A Lot

7) Jose Turned The Same Colour As His Shirt

8) This Girl Got A Selfie With Everyone

Football presenter Chris Kamara said: “For everybody involved, it’s just a way of giving something back.

“For the club to do this for the community is amazing.”

The teams were led by former England strikers Alan Shearer and Les Ferdinand.

9) Paul Merson Disgraced Himself Brilliantly

10) There Was A Pitch Invasion

Ferdinand, who grew up in the area, played football with Grenfell survivor Nicholas Burton as a youngster.

Burton, who escaped from the 19th floor of the burning building, told the Press Association: “We’ve got a lot of old, tragic memories, today’s about making new ones.

“All the families are sitting together. We’ve come together and it’s very important we stay as a family. We’re a family now.”

11) And There Were Plenty Of Moments Like This

Burton, 50, laid a wreath before the game, saying it was “about remembering the people who have passed”.

He said: “It was very poignant just before the minute’s silence. That really brings it down to earth.

“I just feel grateful and blessed to be here. I lived there for 33 years, when you see the dark, ghostly shell it does bring a sadness in your heart.”


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