Gap Kids Advert Slammed For Being 'Sexist' Calling Boys 'Scholars' And Girls 'Social Butterflies'

And there was a big typo.

Clothing brand Gap Kids has been accused of profiling “sexist” stereotypes of girls and boys.

The store sent out their clothing campaign to UK customers showing a young boy being called “the little scholar” and a girl “the social butterfly”.

Sabrina Golonka, from Leeds, tweeted her fury after receiving the email with the advert on.

Twitter users also were quick to point out the boy’s T-shirt has the incorrect spelling of Einstein, spelling it ‘Einstien’.

After Sabrina tweeted the picture, it wasn’t long before other people began criticising the clothing brand.

Simon Ragoonanan, dad and blogger at called the advert “damaging”.

“Retailers divisive and sexist gendered marketing tactics continue to unnecessarily label children’s interests and outlook,” he told The Huffington Post UK.

“This example is particularly damaging as it’s part of a school range aimed at young children that stereotypically infers schoolgirls should focus on being social and schoolboys on learning.

“These are both important aspects of school life, but for all children and not exclusively to one gender or another.”

Let Toys Be Toys, the campaign to stop brands marketing kids to genders, also waded in on the debate.

“The overwhelmingly critical response to this @UKGap ad shows that sexism really doesn’t sell,” they tweeted.

Liz Nunan, a Gap spokesperson told HuffPost UK: “Gap brand has always stood for individuality, optimism and creativity.

“Our intentions have always been to celebrate every child and we did not intend to offend anyone.”