‘Match Of The Day’: Gary Lineker Just Fulfilled His Presenting In His Pants Promise

Ian Wright's face says it all.

Gary Lineker is a man of his word, as proven on Saturday (13 August) night, when he presented the first part of ‘Match Of The Day’ in his underwear.

The former footballer famously promised that if his club Leicester City won the 2015-16 Premier League trophy he would front the show in his kecks, and that’s exactly what he did. Well, the first part of the show anyway:

To be honest, we don’t blame him for changing back into a suit part way through.

It was all getting a little distracting for many viewers, and his ‘MoTD’ pals Alan Shearer and Ian Wright:

However, you just can’t please everyone and a debate over whether his outfit actually consisted of pants or shorts soon developed:

Thankfully, the presenter was around to have the last word on that one:

Bravo, Gary. Bravo.


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