match of the day

The Match Of The Day star's "dickie stomach" famously got the better of him during a match in 1990.
It was recently revealed that the Match Of The Day star had signed a new deal with the BBC that included a 23% pay cut.
BBC North West’s Owain Wyn Evans has done it again, as he celebrates the Premier League's return this weekend.
The Match Of The Day host is the Beeb's highest paid star.
The former England footballer is the broadcaster's highest paid star.
"I started going bald at 14, utterly destroyed my confidence.”
The former footballer is the corporation's top-earning star.
Cricket commentator tells Match of the Day host: 'I'd be sacked if I followed your example.'
Would Shearer analyse the weekend's action for £50 a week? For the sheer unbridled love of telling players they 'should've done a bit better there'? Some weeks, that figure seems too high for his insight.
2016 has been a dark year for music. We've lost David Bowie, Frank Sinatra's son, Frank, and the artist formerly known as alive, Prince. But God doesn't murder a rockstar without opening a window, and this summer I stepped into the musical void for BBC Get Playing.