Gavin Williamson's Instagram Is An Absolute Animal-Lover's Dream - But Arachnophobes Should Stay Away

New defence secretary is a big fan of eight-legged beasties 😱

Gavin Williamson hit the headlines on Thursday as it was announced the tarantula-owning chief whip would be replacing Sir Michael Fallon as defence secretary - but a little look at his Instagram account shows he’s not just a fan of the eight-legged beasties.

Williamson, who is MP for South Staffordshire, doesn’t have a huge amount of posts on his page on the social media platform, but what he lacks in quantity, he makes up for in quality.

Perhaps most importantly, there are some images of his beloved spider, Cronus, accompanying him on important business...

But in true politician fashion, Williamson is keen to show he doesn’t subscribe to favouritism:

He won’t stand for any bullshit:

He understands the power of a dog picture:

Williamson is careful not to appear too prickly:

Happy as a pig in muck:

He definitely doesn’t want to appear flighty

As well as animals, the 41-year-old has also posed with extraterrestrial beings

As well as some giant vegetables

Williamson was a surprise announcement, having not been seen as a frontrunner to replace Sir Michael.

Skipton and Ripon MP Julian Smith, 46, who was Williamson’s deputy in the Whip’s office, has been promoted to Chief Whip.

Fallon resigned on Wednesday over claims of inappropriate sexual behaviour.


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