GCHQ Accidentally Posts A Very Rude Puzzle Answer On Twitter

GHCQ has apologised for the four-letter blunder.
GCHQ tweeted this on Tuesday.
GCHQ tweeted this on Tuesday.
GCHQ Twitter

It’s no secret that GCHQ – the UK’s top intelligence and security agency – is home to some of the finest minds in the country.

With a prestigious history of code-breaking – especially during the Second World War – GCHQ staff are considered the crème de la crème of logical thinking and brain power.

So it was all the more funny when the GCHQ Twitter account accidentally posted a *very* rude answer to a brain teaser on Tuesday.

GCHQ Twitter

GCHQ had asked followers on Twitter to crack a code, posting the sequence: “C, U, T, S, I, U, N”.

For those of us not quite clever enough to get into GCHQ, the code was the fourth letter from each planet in the solar system.

But it appears as if someone accidentally tweeted the planets in the incorrect order, with the fourth letters of each word spelling out a *very* blue phrase.

It didn’t take long for people on social media to spot the mistake...

GCHQ has since posted the correct – and clean – answer to the puzzle.

A GCHQ spokesperson told HuffPost UK: “We apologise for any offence inadvertently caused by this morning’s post. We deleted it as soon as we became aware of the issue.”

However, the blunder might have earned their Twitter account a few new followers looking for another level of secret messaging in the agency’s puzzles from now on...


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