Gemma Atkinson Shuts Down 'Pregnancy Police' On Exercising While Pregnant

"You definitely don’t need to avoid exercise for nine months."

Gemma Atkinson has hit back at the “pregnancy police” by sharing a happy photo of her recent climb up Mount Teide in Tenerife.

The Daily Mail had previously described Atkinson’s day out as a “gruelling climb”, but the actress and former Strictly star set the record straight on her Instagram story, posting a screenshot of the article and saying: “Wtf? It wasn’t a ‘gruelling climb’... Why make s*** up? Baffles me!”

She also posted a photo from the day, explaining “it’s a drive, cable car and flat walk before the pregnancy police start on me”.

“I haven’t been here since my dad passed away. We used to come every year and do the hike so it was bitter sweet, but I know he somehow helped drag me up there,” she said.

Support for the star, who is expecting her first child with Strictly dancer Gorka Marquez, came flooding in via the comments.

“I hate how people assume because a woman gets pregnant that automatically means they can no longer do what they were doing before,” one person said. “Some things they will absolutely have to tone down... but that’s the thing tone down does not mean ‘get rid of.’”

Another added: “Don’t worry about what anyone on here thinks. You know your body and know how far you can go, ignore all the negative nellies!”

Abigail Wood, head of campaigns at NCT, told HuffPost UK exercise is actually great for pregnant women and their babies.

“Regular exercise has all sorts of health benefits such as reducing high blood pressure and the risk of diabetes, improving mood and lowers the risk of pre-eclampsia and very low birth weight,” she said.

“You definitely don’t need to avoid exercise for nine months, unless you have specific medical advice telling you not to.”

Atkinson has been proudly sharing details of her workouts throughout her pregnancy.

And last week, she posted side-by-side photos of her body pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy, saying she felt like a “superwoman” in both.

Wood told mums-to-be to speak to their GP or midwife before exercising if you have conditions such as heart problems or lung disease, a twin or multiple pregnancy, or any signs or history of premature labour.

Signs you need to stop exercising immediately are listed on the NCT website.