Villa Italian Kitchen Now Offering Gender Reveal Lasagne

The restaurant chain has 250 locations – but sadly not in the UK.

Gender reveal parties are getting really cheesy ― and maybe a little saucy.

That’s because Villa Italian Kitchen, a chain with 250 locations, is offering up a ‘Gender Reveal Lasagne’ meal for catering, according to a press release making the rounds Tuesday 22 January.

Sadly, the chain doesn’t have a restaurant in the UK – but we still think the idea is hilarious. The $140 (£107) meal food for 12 people includes rolls, salad and a cheese lasagne that comes stuffed with your choice of cheese dyed either pink or blue.

A prospective parent just needs to cut into the prepared pasta dish, see the unappetising sight of pink or blue cheese and know where their dough will be going for the next 18 years.

Stephanie Beamer, the restaurant’s division vice president of franchising and catering, told Today the chain “can’t wait to see all the videos of guests revealing their babies’ genders to family and friends in such a unique way.”

As you might expect, a lot of people were dishing about this on Twitter.

A few were positive...

Others were not impressed one single bit.