13/03/2017 11:08 GMT | Updated 14/03/2017 10:32 GMT

Gender Reveal Volcano: Big Sister Was Not Happy When She Found Out She Was Getting A Brother


A big sister made her feelings pretty clear when she found out the gender of her sibling during a creative reveal.

The girl’s parents made a “volcano” to share the news, which produced a coloured, lava-like liquid when powder was poured in the middle.

They told their two daughters how it worked and explained if the lava was pink they would be getting a sister and if it was blue, they’d get a brother. 

After the girls both poured powder in the top of the volcano, blue liquid started to come out.

“Ooh here we go, what colour is it?” they asked their girls.

“Blue,” they replied in unison, with no excitement at all.

Then the big sister chirped up and said: “I didn’t want it to be blue. I wanted pink.

“Nooo, you made it the wrong colour.”

Thankfully the parents laughed and saw the funny side of it, probably knowing their daughter would come around to the idea in time. 

The video was posted on Pretty 52 Facebook page on 11 March and had more than one million views in two days. 

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