08/06/2017 14:09 BST | Updated 08/06/2017 15:49 BST

General Election 2017: Adele, Harry Styles, Holly Willoughby Among Celebrities Urging Everyone To Vote

It's time, people.

While some celebs have been very clear about who they’re backing in today’s General Election, others have used their name and sizable social followings to encourage their fans to get out and vote.

And this being showbiz land, they’ve done so in their own unique way.

From hand-written notes and memes, to photos of themselves (some things never change) and the promise of nudity (thank you Matt Healy), Adele, Holly Willoughby, Ricky Gervais, Amanda Holden and Harry Styles are just a few of the stars imploring you to get out and pop an ‘X’ in a box today...