08/06/2017 15:27 BST | Updated 08/06/2017 15:55 BST

General Election 2017: #Grime4Corbyn The Latest In A String Of Bizarre Celebrity-Political Encounters

It's a symbiotic relationship.

The embrace of Jeremy Corbyn by the Grime movement has been one of more surprising aspects of the General Election 2017 campaign, however, it’s by no means the first time in our history that politicians and celebrities have come together in symbiotic encounters.

Ever since Marilyn Monroe flew in and wished JFK a ‘Happy Birthday’, the worlds of politics and show business have been inextricably intertwined.

The entertainers get to borrow some of the gravitas of their country-running friends, while the politicians get to bask in the glamour of their telegenic counterparts.

It hasn’t always paid off. Russell Brand’s welcome of Ed Miliband into his home for an interview ahead of the 2015 was blame by some for actually losing a bunch of Labour votes. RB has contented himself this time around with a passionately-penned missive, urging everyone to get out and vote for Corbyn.

Celebrity endorsement has not been all to the left, however. And, while such high-profile photo opportunities have long presented a mutually beneficial public moment, they have inevitably led to some seriously eyebrow-raising photo-ops, as demonstrated below…

  • JME, one of the grime artists at the forefront of #Grime4Corbyn with the Labour leader
    Jeremy Corbyn
  • Kanye West paid then president-elect Donald Trump a visit at Trump Tower in December 2016
    TIMOTHY A. CLARY via Getty Images
  • Nelson Mandela and the Spice Girls
  • Nigel Farage took Joey Essex on a boat. Yes, really.
  • Talk to the hand... Michael Jackson directs traffic, while Ronald Reagain looks on.
  • Britpop was christened by Tony Blair and Noel Gallagher
  • Hugs for Bono and Bill Clinton
  • Just two gals having a natter... Boy George and Margaret Thatcher.
  • He's not posh at all, look... David Cameron with One Direction (+1)
  • Nobody batted an eye when Neil Kinnock teamed up with Tracey Ullman
  • A battle of the shoulder pads for Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley
  • If Benyamin Netanyahu needs his spoon bending, he's got it covered.
  • This really happened. Barack Obama met Jedward.
  • Marilyn Monroe's liaisons with the Kennedy clan were mired in controversy
  • Bono gives President George W Bush a book of U2 lyrics. Or something.
  • That Bono gets around... here having a chuckle with Barack Obama.
  • Were there two more glamorous gents in the world than Kennedy and Sinatra?
  • Babs didn't just meet Canada's PM Trudeau, she romanced him.
  • Surely the best pairing of all - Rylan seduces Hillary with a smile.