Can You Vote Drunk? Plus 5 More Burning Questions For Polling Day

A selfie in the voting booth is not a good idea. But taking your dog along? You'd be barking not to.

For many of us, December 12 will have been circled in our diaries for *months* – and it has nothing to do with the general election.

With less than two weeks to go until Christmas, while Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn anxiously bite their nails waiting for the results, many of us will be letting our hair down at the annual office party.

What’s Christmas without a few (too many) mulled wines, after all?

But if popping into the polling station on your stumble home is part of your party-night plans, will you still be allowed to vote?

The short answer? Yes – as long as you’re not disruptive. (Just don’t have so much fun at the bar that you forget to vote all together...)

What about all the other dos and don’ts of election day? Here’s everything you need to know...

Can I bring my dog with me to vote?

You’re more than welcome to bring Fido to the polling station with you (and snap a #dogsatpollingstations pic) – but you will have to leave him outside. Assistance dogs are the exception to this rule.

Are my kids allowed to come along?

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Yes – children are welcome at polling stations. They’re even allowed to come into the polling booth with you. But they must not mark the ballot paper – that’s your job.

What about my best pal?

Rules about bringing adults along to vote are slightly different.

According to the Electoral Commission, you can bring anyone you like – but only adults registered to vote at that polling station will be allowed inside.

Even if you and your friend are registered to vote at the same place, they still won’t be allowed inside the voting booth with you.

However, this rule does not apply to people with a disability that means they can’t fill in their ballot paper. They can bring someone alone to help – or ask the person in charge of the polling station to do it for them.

Can I take a selfie in the polling booth? #democracy

Look, we know it’s *very* important for all your followers to see you doing your bit for democracy. (Bet you can’t wait for those sweet, sweet likes to roll in.)

But photos inside polling stations are banned, as it might risk the secrecy of the ballot.

Can I wear a party rosette while I vote?

Afraid not. In fact, as political campaigning is completely banned in polling stations, any clothing that could encourage people to vote for a certain party is not allowed.


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