George Galloway Needs Someone To Drive His London Mayoral Campaign Bus

Anyone want to earn a quick few quid?

When running for London Mayor there are a number of things to consider such as policies, your crucial TV broadcast and... how you're actually going to get around.

George Galloway's valiant efforts appear to have been thrown into confusion by a rather unfortunate turn of events.

Urgently need a bus driver £15 per hour.

— George Galloway (@georgegalloway) April 5, 2016

@illuminatedwolf our driver has taken unwell

— George Galloway (@georgegalloway) April 5, 2016

So far there seems to be few takers.

@georgegalloway I can drive it of a cliff for you?

— Dan (@Mrheats8) April 5, 2016

@georgegalloway Does he have to drive on the Left at all times George?

— Bhoy fae the Goy (@DuncanMcfadden) April 5, 2016

Any features writers know how to drive a bus? DM me

— Luke McGee (@lukemcgee) April 5, 2016

Well maybe one.

@georgegalloway @KarenDanczuk how long for and where would it be based

— chris u (@tramperchris) April 5, 2016

In all fairness, £15 per hour is a pretty good deal. The median wage of a regular London bus driver is only £10.

Despite his unsuccessful 2015 General Election campaign in which he lost he failed to to retain Bradford West, Galloway has set his sights on the job of London Mayor for the Respect party.

I'm standing for Mayor of London 2016. If you can help in any way, write to me at

— George Galloway (@georgegalloway) May 28, 2015

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