Budget 2016: George Osborne Says He's Going To Put The Next Generation 'First'

The Chancellor hasn't got the best track record with young people..

On Wednesday, George Osborne boldly announced he would be putting the next generation first in his 2016 Budget.

This pledge prompted much sniggering.

And eyeball rolling.

It's not that we don't believe him.. It's just that he's not had the best track record with young people.

8 Ways Osborne Has Put Young People 'First' Before

Converting maintenance grants for poorer students into loans

In his 2015 Summer Budget, Osborne announced he would be slashing maintenance grants for some of the country's poorest students and converting them into loans.

Slyly axing the student maintenance grant without a Commons vote

Because the plan wasn't unpopular enough already, the government quietly axed the grants in a committee in January, without even giving MPs a chance to vote against the controversial proposals.

Cutting housing benefits for unemployed 18 to 21-year-olds

Osborne scrapped the automatic entitlement to housing benefits for this group, which homeless charity Crisis said would result in an increase in homelessness.

Scrapping EMA

This happened way back in 2010. The Education Maintenance Allowances gave £30 to students from low-income households if they stayed on at school or college. After it was scrapped, the number of Neets rose.

Cuts to youth services

Youth services have been cut thanks to the Chancellor tightening the purse strings of local councils. Last year it was reported 350 youth centres have been shut since 2012, with £259m cut from youth service spending since 2010.

Increasing student loan repayments

Osborne decided to impose a near-on £3,000 increase in student loan repayments, leading to criticism it would deter young people from going to university.

Tuition fees increase

Because paying £9,000 a year probably isn't enough, Osborne declared last year universities would be able to raise their fees even further.

Cutting bursaries for student nurses

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