German Sausage Attack Leaves BMW With 1cm Dent

It has left BMW owners fearing the wurst

A man is facing a fine after a parking dispute culminated in him allegedly denting a car with a one foot long sausage.

The 49-year-old is accused of damaging a 47-year-old’s car during a dispute in Neubrandenburg, north Germany, on Saturday evening.

Police state the pork product was hurled at a BMW, causing a 1cm dent on the right hand door.

<strong>Brutal: A sausage, yesterday </strong>
Brutal: A sausage, yesterday
Frank Bean via Getty Images

Die Welt reports the incident erupted after one party complained about the “inconsiderate” parking of the other.

It is believed a metal link in the end of the sausage caused what the injured party is alleging to be criminal damage.