You Can Now Get The Morning After Pill Delivered To Your Door The Same Day

It's expensive, but still cheaper than a baby.

Accessing the morning after pill isn’t great: if you’re lucky, you’ll encounter a woke pharmacist who acknowledges that it’s NBD. Not so lucky and you’ll receive a hefty dose of judgement before running into your mum’s best friend on the way out.

But emergency contraceptive brand ellaOne has now launched a same-day delivery service that allows women to order the morning after pill online and have it delivered through their letter box.

The scheme is available nationwide, with delivery outside London in England, Scotland and Wales guaranteed within 24 hours, while those in London have access to a pilot “express service”, which brings the pill to your door in as little as three hours. The company has plans to extend the express service to other major cities later this year. Meanwhile delivery is available in Northern Ireland in 2-3 working days.

Sadly though, the service doesn’t come cheap, with prices starting at £34.95, plus additional delivery charges depending on the time slot you require.


The launch comes after research from the company found almost half (46%) of women between the ages of 18-35 had unprotected sex in the last year. However, only 27% of those women took the morning after pill. Embarrassment and accessibility were major factors in women risking unplanned pregnancy.

Women using the new service will be required to answer seven simple questions typically asked by the pharmacist in a chemist to asses whether the mediation is appropriate for you. For example, the online questionnaire will check you aren’t on any medications that can impact its effectiveness and every sale is overseen by a pharmacist.

The pill is suitable for most women, but if ellaOne is not recommended for you, you’ll be advised to visit your pharmacist as soon as possible.

If you receive the green light though, you’ll be able to order the pill 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year for despatch and delivery, including weekends and bank holidays.

Those outside London can use ‘ellaOne Direct’, which offers next day (24 hour) delivery nationwide (apart from Northern Ireland). Meanwhile ‘ellaOne Direct Express’ in London provides a same day delivery service offering three and 12 hour options.

It’s advised women take emergency contraception as soon as possible after having unprotected sex, but ellaOne can prevent pregnancy when taken within 120 hours (five days) of sex.

The pill arrives in a discreet, unbranded box that fits through an average-sized letter box, which should reassure women who are embarrassed about an order.

Sadly, stigma around the morning after pill still prevails and a quarter of women (26%) said they would wait until there were no other customers in the pharmacy before asking for it, while one in eight respondents (12%) had even travelled to a different town to purchase to avoid bumping into someone they knew.

There’s no doubt the service makes accessing the morning after pill easier for busy working women who might not have time to wait at a GP surgery or sexual health clinic for free emergency contraception.

But prices start at £34.95, plus £9.95 for three-hour delivery, or £1.95, £3.95 or £6.95 for delivery within 24 hours, depending on what time you order. Yet another reminder that the morning after pill is more expensive in the UK than most of Europe. Joy.

Please note: this piece has been amended to clarify that delivery in Northern Ireland is within 2-3 working days, not 24 hours.