'Ghostbusters' Gets A Manly Makeover For All The People Complaining About The Female Cast

This is for all those people who think women can't be Ghostbusters.

When the first trailer for the new 'Ghostbusters' reboot landed, a lot of people were very angry.

Because it has women in lead roles instead of men.

Because the majority of those people were probably men, they had to get their way. So the people at XVP Comedy played around with the trailer and turned up the manliness to please the critics.

(Slightly NSFW)

Now there's no more women, and a lot more farting and loads of burping! Nice!

Not to mention the usual Ghostbusters vehicle being replaced with an awesome tank! Complete with big, swinging, metal testicles! Sweet!

And beer! And porn! Epic! This is so totally manly and therefore better in every way!