Gifts For Teachers: 10 Ideas For End Of Term Presents Your Child Can Give Their Teacher

Aside from alcohol, guys.

With the school term coming to an end, there's one more thing you may be worrying about before the summer holidays kick off - end-of-term gifts for teachers.

While it's not a necessity to spend cash on a present for your child's teacher, a small token of appreciation will never go a miss.

It's almost a given that bringing in a bottle of wine, beers, flowers or chocolates will be gladly welcomed. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, without breaking the bank, there are plenty of options.

Here are 10 more gift suggestions - all under £15.

Personalised Mug
£10. Etsy.
What teacher doesn't like a cup of tea or coffee? Personalise a mug with their name or a quote and it'll no doubt be something they use every single day.
Tote bag
£12.95. The Literary Gift Company.
Book-branded tote bags are pretty suitable for a teacher, don't you think?
Personalised stationery
£7.99. Identity Direct.
Add to their growing collection of stationery by getting personalised pencils for their desk.
Sticky note pad
£5.95. Oh Deer.
Allow teachers to keep organised for the year ahead with this funky sticky A5 note pad. Admit it, you want one, too.
Potted succulent
£8. John Lewis.
Succulents last for years and always brighten up a desk, so why not choose one that will decorate the teacher's desk for the next academic year?
Chocolate hamper
£12.50. Green & Black's.
Sometimes you just can't go wrong with a hamper full of chocolate.
'Thank you' plaque
£6.50. Etsy.
Send your child's (and your) appreciation with a small 'thank you' plaque.
Yankee candle
£14. Yankee.
An alternative take on the traditional "apple" theme associated with teachers and school - get an apple-scented candle instead.
£11. Etsy.
An easy, yet usable present for a teacher that you can personalise for them to add to their set of keys.
Travel mug
£4.79. Happy Jackson.
Get the teachers sorted on their morning and evening commute with a travel mug for all their caffeine needs.

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