26 Posts That Perfectly Sum Up The Unmatched Cosiness Of Rewatching Gilmore Girls In Autumn

"That show oozes autumnal goodness when when it's not meant to be autumn..."
Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham in Gilmore Girls
Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham in Gilmore Girls
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With autumn now in full swing, it’s time to dive back into all of our favourite seasonal treats and comfort shows.

And by that we, of course, mean, Gilmore Girls season is upon us.

Fans around the globe have already begun making their annual trip to Stars Hollow, with all seven seasons of the much-loved comedy-drama (plus the four-part revival A Year In The Life) available to stream now on Netflix here in the UK.

And over on X (formerly known as Twitter), viewers are sharing their oh-so-relatable thoughts as they dive back into the show they love.

Here are 26 posts that sum up the unmatched cosiness of an autumn Gilmore Girls rewatch:

The second there’s even a whiff of the changing seasons, people don’t need any convincing to get Gilmore Girls on…

…No matter how many times they’ve already seen every single episode

A rewatch still brings back all of the feels you experienced on your first watch…

…but it may also bring out some unpopular opinions…

…not to mention a few eye-opening realisations about yourself

It also allows you to do some impromptu celeb-spotting

And the celebs aren’t the only thing fans are noticing on repeat viewings

Did you know watching Gilmore Girls is actually an educational endeavour? Well, sort of.

No Gilmore Girls viewing is complete without season-appropriate snacks

And forget what’s playing out on screen – we all know it’s really all about the aesthetic

As many have pointed out – the show isn’t even entirely set in the autumn…

…but it’s still perfect viewing for this time of year

This will be our life mantra for the foreseeable

Seriously, what of it?

But one thing to keep in mind, people, is that autumn also marks the beginning of… spooky season

And all we can say is, if you’re new to Stars Hollow… welcome. You’re going to love it here


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