23/10/2017 11:11 BST

Gina Miller Demands That The Government Releases 'Secret Brexit Reports' To MPs In Case Of No-Deal

The files reportedly detail how leaving the EU could affect the economy.

CHRIS J RATCLIFFE via Getty Images
Gina Miller has demanded that secret files detailing the impact of Brexit are revealed to MPs 

Gina Miller has become the latest person to demand that the Government releases secret Brexit files detailing how leaving the EU could affect Britain’s economy. 

The entrepreneur - who successfully forced a parliamentary vote on triggering Article 50 - said that the dossier must be disclosed to MPs to prevent them from being forced into “voting blind” in a no-deal scenario. 

Her call comes less than two weeks after more than 120 MPs signed a letter insisting that Brexit secretary David Davis publish the confidential Brexit studies, accusing the government of keeping “not only parliament but the public in the dark”. 

Davis was also threatened with legal action over the issue, with MEP Molly Scott Cato and the Good Law Project giving the Tory Cabinet minister two weeks to make the documents available to the public. 

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Brexit secretary David Davis has been threatened with legal action over the undisclosed information 

But Miller told the Independent that the files should only be disclosed to MPs, claiming that the information could otherwise “be used to fuel whatever position different people pick and choose and take them out of context”.  

“I have to say I’ve always been of the opinion that the Government should publish all the reports that they have done,” she told the newspaper. “Their view is that gives away their negotiating position but it’s not true. The reports are not going to say what it is you’re going to negotiate, what is says is these are the consequences.” 

According to Miller, the Government’s Brexit department does not want to publish the files because one of the documents is likely to contain “a legal position on the revocability of Article 50”.  

She said: “I could bet my bottom dollar that in those 50 sector reports, WTO comes and it specifies and it touches on – to greater and lesser degree – what no deal means and that’s why they are not publishing them.” 

In recent weeks, the Department for Exiting the EU has refused to specify when the Brexit studies will be published, saying only that they will be made available “shortly” and “in due course”, the Guardian reported.