02/06/2017 10:04 BST

Little Girl Gets Head Stuck In A Doll House, Mum Manages To Save The Day

'You better not take a picture!'

A little girl managed to get her head stuck in a large doll house and we can’t help but laugh.

The girl named Kylee, from the US, was found by her mum with her legs sprawled out of the doll house’s front door, shouting that she was stuck.

“Is your head actually stuck Kylee?” her mum asked. “Yeah!” she replied. “You better not take a picture.”

Her mum, who was filming the whole thing anyway, just laughed. 


Thankfully, Kylee’s mum managed to save the day by finding a solution to the problem.

She asked her daughter to lay on her back, then roll over so she was face up, before sliding out.

But we still have that burning question: How did she get herself in that situation in the first place? 

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