11-Year-Old References Geneva Conventions When Explaining How Teachers Can Improve At School


An 11-year-old who was asked on a form at school what her teachers could do better came back with the sassiest reply.

Her dad - author Mason Cross from Glasgow - shared a photo of her hilarious answer on Twitter, and it went down pretty well.

โ€œMy daughter actually submitted this feedback at school,โ€ he wrote. โ€œNot sure if I should ground her or buy her ice cream.โ€

Crossโ€™ daughter wrote in the reply about what her teachers could do better: โ€œNot use collective punishment as it is not fair on the many people who did nothing.

โ€œAnd under the 1949 Geneva Conventions, it is a war crime.โ€

You go girl.

Within 24 hours, the tweet had more than 110,000 retweets and nearly 400,000 likes. Crossโ€™ Twitter followers encouraged him to give her ice cream over a punishment.

Cross followed up his tweet by clarifying that his daughter thinks her teacher is โ€œawesomeโ€ and showed evidence of him giving her ice cream.

โ€œThe people have spoken,โ€ he wrote.

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