Girl Throws Dad’s Phone In Sea 'Because He Uses It Too Much'

But some viewers have their doubts about the video’s authenticity.

An Instagram video has gone viral after a four-year-old appeared to throw her dad’s mobile into the sea after he used it on a boat.

The video from Russian rapper Timati shows him sitting on the phone with his young daughter Alisa beside him. He talks on the phone while she tries to get his attention several times.

When he lowers the phone to speak to her, she grabs it and hurls it over the side of the boat, before grinning innocently at her perplexed dad.

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The video - which has raised suspicions of being staged - has clocked up over five million views.

Timati reportedly later shared footage showing him jumping into the water to apparently try to retrieve his phone.

The rapper, 34, often posts videos of himself with his daughter, as well as videos of his boat with high production values.

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Some Russian commenters on the video called it “fake” while one asked: “Seriously, why the cheap staged video?!’

Others, though, appeared to believe the video was authentic, and said: “Classic dad” and “This child is out of order. Timati is the one to blame for her bringing her up this way.”