Girls Aloud's Latest Podcast Interview Was Gloriously Chaotic – And Fans Are Here For It

Suddenly it feels like 2006 again...
Girls Aloud pictured together last week
Girls Aloud pictured together last week
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In case you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware by now that Girls Aloud are officially back in business.

After months of speculation, Nadine Coyle, Nicola Roberts, Cheryl Tweedy and Kimberley Walsh, confirmed their reunion plans last week, after going their separate ways a decade ago.

The group will be using their upcoming 2024 arena tour as an opportunity to “celebrate” their late bandmate Sarah Harding, who died of breast cancer in September 2021, at the age of 39.

With any superstar arena tour comes rounds of press and interviews – and while the band have completed sit downs with the likes of British Vogue, This Morning and The One Show , their appearance on fellow pop diva Jessie Ware’s Table Manners podcast is their most chaotic, and iconic, yet.

The podcast sees Jessie and her mum Lennie interview a range of stars across the celeb-o-sphere, over delicious home-cooked fare – and its latest episode saw the Girls Aloud four take to the table.

Of course, Girls Aloud were always known for bringing chaos to every interview they undertook – and we’re happy to report this latest offering was no exception.

Here’s a selection of highlights...

Nadine Coyle’s love of B&M gravy

Girls Aloud’s very own Derry Girl used her appearance on Table Manners as a chance to address one of life’s greatest pleasures: B&M gravy.

After asking whether Jessie and Lennie had ever had it, and getting a firm “no” in response, Nadine then declared: “Yous are all too posh. I’m getting out of here. Taxi!”

‘Oh bore off, Cheryl’

This line actually came from the podcast’s host, as the girl group discussed just how revealing their tour outfits were going to be.

Jessie suggested, as per Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek’s advice, that the girls should be “young and naked” in the costume department.

Cheryl then replied that they’d already done that, replying: “Do you know how many young, naked pictures we have?”

While Nadine sided with the Pearls singer, Cheryl insisted that the girls’ costumes would be “appropriate”

Nadine, the pop diva that she is, said: “Jessie, I agree,” before Cheryl added that the costumes would be “appropriate.”

That’s when Jessie hit Cheryl with the line: “Oh bore off, Cheryl.” And get the leotards out.

Girls Aloud’s early living situation

As it turns out, the girls all used to live with each other in two separate flats – one of which was apparently a lot messier than the other.

After revealing that they lived together, Kimberley and Nadine said that their apartment was exceptionally clean. Nicola and Cheryl, meanwhile … less so.

“Think of university students,” Cheryl admitted.

They also shared that the flats were in Princess Park Manor, in North London, and that all new pop stars lived there, for some reason.

“It’s like the record companies just throw all the new artists in there,” Nicola admitted, before Kimberly added that “Sugababes, JLS, McFly” had all done stints in the same location.

Basically, they lived in pop star student halls.

Nadine’s steak special?

This woman has lived a life.

Another of Nadine’s iconic stories from the episode came when she revealed she once had to jump onto chef duty and work a busy shift at her old restaurant. No, we’re not joking.

The former I’m A Celebrity star shared that when she still owned Nadine’s Irish Mist, one of the establishment’s chefs left on-shift.

“Don’t tell me that’s the night you cooked,” Cheryl interjected, with Nadine saying that indeed it was – and that she “had to cook what was on the menu”.

That, she went on to reveal, was a very wide variety of things.

“I had to cook everything that anybody ordered. Steaks, chips, salmon, salads, steak sandwiches. I had to do a full service!”

At least if the arena tour doesn’t go well (it will), Nadine’s got a job back in the hospitality sector.

They have some very long-standing fans

Kimberly revealed that “one of [their] hardcore fans, [who has] been at every single thing we’ve ever done,” saw them outside of a recent radio appearance, where he began to apologise for a very strange reason.

“One guy was literally apologising for grey hairs… He was like: ’I know, before you say anything, I ’ve got grey hair.”

If you’re here, tap the fuckin’ table’

We know, it’s not part of the actual episode, but we couldn’t not include the iconic promotional clip, which paid homage to an infamous moment from Ghost Hunting with Girls Aloud.

General tickets to the Girls Aloud arena tour will be available from 9am on Friday 1 December. For more ticket info, visit Girls Aloud’s website here.


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