Cheryl Admits She Didn't Really Enjoy Girls Aloud's Final Tour Due To 'Underlying Issues'

The group announced they were splitting up on the last night of their 2013 tour.

Cheryl Tweedy has confessed she didn’t particularly enjoy taking part in Girls Aloud’s reunion tour, due to underlying tensions within the group.

After a four-year touring hiatus, Cheryl and her Girls Aloud bandmates hit the road for one final jaunt in 2013, to promote their greatest hits album Ten.

However, in an interview with the BBC, she admitted that while she may have looked like she was enjoying herself, it wasn’t a very fun experience for her.

Girls Aloud on their Ten: The Hits tour
Girls Aloud on their Ten: The Hits tour
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Not really, if I’m honest,” Cheryl admitted, when asked whether it was nice for her to be back on tour with the group in 2013. “There were still some underlying issues that had never been addressed, sadly. It could have been a lot more fun than it was for us.”

She added: “We’d been off on our own for so long that you’re not in the same bubble you were in first time round. That bubble had popped.

“There were great bits, too. Times when we cried from laughing. It just didn’t have to be as tough as it was sometimes. That’s all.”

Cheryl has enjoyed success as a solo artist since Girls Aloud's split
Cheryl has enjoyed success as a solo artist since Girls Aloud's split
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After their final performance on the Ten: The Hits tour, Girls Aloud announced that they were going their separate ways, a decision that not everyone in the band was happy about.

Nadine Coyle recalled in 2017, in her own BBC interview: “I was in my robe and I’d got my hair and make-up on, and I was like, ‘What? Everybody wants to do that?’ And they said, ‘Yes, everybody’.

“I thought it was silly. Why would you want to do that? I thought everybody was tired because it was the end of the tour and they’d change their minds.

“Then they said, ‘We’re going to put out a statement’ - and it was a tweet. “I thought, ‘What? What?! We came back with a press conference, and you’re going to end 10 years with a tweet? Then remove my name completely from the whole thing. I do not agree with any of this’.”

Nadine Coyle
Nadine Coyle
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Nadine and Cheryl have had their own beef since Girls Aloud came to an end, with the former X Factor judge describing her ex-bandmate as being “full of shit” for claiming she wasn’t involved in the group’s split.

“What d’you want us to say? She’s full of shit,” Cheryl said in 2014. “She was the one who wanted to make a solo record. Which is why we took the hiatus.

“She wants to come out and say we broke the band up? No! She shouldn’t tell porkie pies. She should remember why we took the hiatus after seven years so she could go and…”

Cheryl is still close with Girls Aloud stars Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts, the latter of whom co-wrote her new single Let You. Take a listen below:


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