01/04/2016 15:46 BST | Updated 01/04/2016 16:06 BST

Glasgow Police Tweet Prompts An Absolute Roasting

THINK! These guys clearly didn't.

On Friday 1 April, Greater Glasgow Police tweeted out a a bit of advice for anyone using the internet this weekend...

It was posted after midday so it isn't an April Fool and their need to inform people of what Twitter is not for suggests this is actually serious.



 Which can mean only one thing - they're going to be knocking on the doors of practically everyone in Glasgow with an internet connection.

For almost everything posted on the internet is unnecessary. Like Greater Glasgow's tweet for example.

And almost nothing is true.  


Or accurate.


But it's often hurtful.


Lets face it, Twitter is no place for the easily offended.


So in conclusion, they got an absolute roasting.

Bt don't underestimate them....