02/06/2019 15:21 BST

Glastonbury 2019: 'Kill Tory Scum' Band Booked To Perform At Mega Festival

Killdren and Fat White Family have previously incited violence against the Conservative Party.

Fat White Family

Glastonbury Festival has come under fire for booking two bands who have called for the murder of Conservative Party members to perform at this year’s event. 

Killdren, a two person rock band, recorded ‘Kill Tory Scum’ in 2018 and its accompanying video depicts the murder of Tory voters. 

The song’s lyrics include: “Even if it’s your dad or your mum, kill Tory scum, kill Tory scum/murder them all to the beat of a drum, kill Tory scum, kill Tory scum.”

Though the band’s YouTube page says the song is “satirical discourse”, the  chief executive of the Jo Cox Foundation slammed the violent tune.

Catherine Anderson said: “We as a foundation cannot but think of Jo when any public platform is given to an individual or a group who are inciting violence”

“That sort of language and the abuse of children and family members should not be tolerated,” the statement, first published in The Sunday Times, read. 

Cox, a Labour MP, was murdered by a political extremist during the Brexit referendum campaign in 2016.

Killdren are set to play on the festival’s Shangri-Hell International TV stage on Friday 28 June.

Another punk rock band, Fat White Family, will also perform at the popular festival. 

In a 2015 tweet, the south-east London collective said anyone who voted Tory had “blood” on their hands, and called for them to be executed.

A year earlier, they said Tories should be hanged.

HuffPost UK has contacted Glastonbury for comment.