Glastonbury 2019: 18 People Who Are Having Way More Fun At The Festival Than You Are Right Now

We're not jealous at all.

Not only is this weekend set to be the hottest of 2019 so far, there are also lot of people spending it on a farm in Somerset drinking with all their pals and watching some of the biggest music acts in the world right now.

So however much fun you think you might be having this weekend, Glastonbury goers will undoubtedly be enjoying themselves even more, as this lot have already proved...

Shout out to these guys who couldn’t wait to crack the funnel out. Classic.


Also props to these lasses who arrived with their rollers in.


This couple probably had a better Glastonbury than everyone there put together, as they staged their wedding at the festival


Similarly, this lass was using the event as her hen do


With temperatures hitting record highs, there was only one way to cool down


That, or just to strip off completely


At night, things really heat up, literally


These ladies were really getting into the spirit as the music kicked off on Friday afternoon, doing their best Waterloo along to Abba tribute act Björn Again


We can’t quite work out what is going on here, but it looks fun all the same


And while you might think Glastonbury isn’t the place for kids, this little lad proves otherwise

Ian Gavan via Getty Images

As does this wee fella

Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

OMG, did someone mention there’s a slip and slide there?!

Shirlaine Forrest via Getty Images

Fancy dress game has been STRONG this year

Aaron Chown - PA Images via Getty Images

Although when we think about how hot this pair must be in this get-up, it’s almost enough to make us pass out

Shirlaine Forrest via Getty Images

And the award for Best Headwear goes to...

Yui Mok - PA Images via Getty Images

Closely followed by..

Leon Neal via Getty Images

This woman also gave Pat Butcher a run for her money on the earrings front


Meanwhile Glastonbury roared as England’s Lionesses won their quarter-final match on Thursday

Jim Dyson via Getty Images

Although no matter how jealous we are at everyone having lots of fun, we’re not at all envious of them having to still use the long-drop. Especially in this heat.


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