Glastonbury Headliners Include Exactly Zero Women And People Are Going In

It's 2023 – where are the women?
SolStock via Getty Images

Festival season is approaching and we are beyond excited. Nothing compares to listening to your favourite artists in the middle of summer with your best mates. And we can’t speak about festivals without touching on the mother of them all: Glastonbury.

Not many compare to it, but Glastonbury fans aren’t too pleased with the line-up this year.

Line-ups are often a hit or miss you can’t satisfy everyone’s musical taste but it’s not the music people are upset about this time, it’s the lack of female artists.

After tweeting this year’s lineup, fans quickly realised that there is in fact no female headliners and people aren’t happy. It’s 2023 and you would think a long-reigning festival like Glastonbury would be able to book a few female headliners but apparently not.

Here’s what Glastonbury fans had to say.

It’s 2023, it isn’t hard to find female artists to headline

It’s very disappointing from Glastonbury

The female headliner they booked cancelled but who was it?

Should we place the blame on Glastonbury or the industry?