08/10/2016 08:00 BST

Glastonbury Tickets 2017: Sunday’s Sale Is Your Main Chance To Get Them - Here's How To Do It

It's not going to be easy.

June 2017 may be months away but for anyone hoping to go to Glastonbury, now is the time to act and buy tickets.

On Thursday (6 October) evening, coach and ticket packages went on sale, and it took just 26 minutes for them to be snapped up by eager fans.

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Can we go now please? 

This Sunday (9 October) at 9am, the remaining tickets will be available - but you’re going to need to be seriously quick, and there a few ways to give yourself a headstart.

Check out our handy guide to getting tickets below…

1.Check you’re registered

You can’t buy a Glastonbury ticket unless you’ve pre-registered and sent them a lovely passport photo first. If you’re not sure whether you’re all signed up, check here.

2.Get organised

In order to get your hands on tickets, you’ll need the registration number and postcode for each person who wants one. You can book a maximum of six tickets per order, and will need to pay the £50 deposit money for each of them straight away, in one transaction. The rest of the ticket price is then payable in April.

When it comes to the big moment, make sure all of the registration info, and your payment details, are to hand.

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Daft Punk are rumoured to be headlining the festival 

3. Set plenty of alarms

We’re not trying to run your lives, but it’s perhaps time to rethink those Saturday evening pub plans and get some shut eye ahead of that 8.30AM wake-up call.

4.Cross your fingers

Not literally, of course, that really won’t help things, but all you can do from here is become best friends with your laptop’s refresh button and hope for the best. This is the website you’ll need to buy tickets, so be ready at around 8:55AM, and give it your all when 9am arrives. 

5. If you’re not successful, there’s still April

Anyone who nabs a ticket this week will need to pay off the rest of the money by early Spring. Those who don’t will lose their ticket, and these will all be offered out again in the April resale.

Best of luck!

  • So Glastonbury is over for another year
    Ben Birchall/PA Wire
  • And Worthy Farm now looks how the rest of the county feels...
    Ben Birchall/PA Wire
  • aka BLEAK.
    Ben Birchall/PA Wire
  • While just 24 hours ago, these fields were filled with drunken revellers having the time of their lives
    Ben Birchall/PA Wire
  • They now resemble a landfill site
    Ben Birchall/PA Wire
  • As festival-goers desert all the rubbish they cba to take with them
    Matt Crossick/Matt Crossick
  • Like, seriously guys, come on
    Matt Cardy via Getty Images
  • Many are now facing a long, long journey home
    Matt Cardy via Getty Images
  • And even the car parks haven't escaped the effects of the heavy rain
    Matt Cardy via Getty Images
  • Which is making the already difficult task of leaving the site, a complete mission
    Matt Cardy via Getty Images
  • Some vehicles are even having to be towed out of the mud
    Matt Cardy via Getty Images
  • Meanwhile, some people are refusing to accept the party is now over
    Ben Birchall/PA Wire
  • Our money is on this guy still being here come June 2017
    Matt Cardy via Getty Images
  • The unenviable task of clearing up the mess has now begun
    Ben Birchall/PA Wire
  • And it can take as long as six weeks for the site to return to a normal, working farm
    Matt Cardy via Getty Images
  • While the post-Glastonbury blues will now well and truly be setting in...
    Matt Cardy via Getty Images
  • Everyone is leaving with so many good memories, knowing they've had the best time ever
    Matt Crossick/Matt Crossick
  • And, of course it's only 359 days until the fun starts all over again
    Matt Cardy via Getty Images