The Cast Of Gogglebox Reacting To Naked Attraction Was Obviously A Match Made In Comedy Heaven

There was absolutely no preparing for some of 57-year-old Judith's one-liners.

Seeing the cast of Gogglebox’s take on the past seven days of telly has been the highlight of our week for some time now, so when we saw that they’d be tackling one of Naked Attraction’s most iconic episodes ever, we knew we were in for a treat.

During Friday night’s show, the Goggleboxers sat down in their respective homes to watch a classic Naked Attraction episode that had aired on Channel 4 earlier in the week.

Things got off to a promising start, with long-serving cast member Stephen keeping his fingers crossed for “willies”, and Shirley declaring she “wouldn’t want to show my fanny to everyone, love”.

The episode in question introduced 57-year-old Judith, a church-going woman who decided that after surviving breast cancer and caring for her elderly mother, she deserved a bit of a treat.

“Who does she want to meet at 57?” Shirley questioned, to which her husband Dave suggested: “Someone half-tidy, I expect. With a big knob.”

Fan favourites Jenny and Lee were engrossed from the beginning, with the former declaring: “Let’s see what she’s got on offer.”

However, there was no preparing for some of the lines Judith would end up coming out with as she whittled down her prospective dates, including her suggestiion she’s happy with anything from “eight to 11 inches” and the immortal line: “God what a c**k!”

And pretty much everyone was speechless as the iconic Shirley performed a rendition of The Lord Is My Shepherd, accompanying herself on the keyboard, while her prospective dates swayed nude in the background.

As Louis Michael put it: “Just when you think it can’t get any more surreal, she whips out a piano and puts on a one-woman show. For the penises.”

“We all need a little bit of Judith in us really, don’t we?” Stephen said at the end of the episode.

Frankly, we can not agree more.

Gogglebox airs every Friday night at 9pm on Channel 4.


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