Gogglebox's Pete And Sophie Are Related To The Chuckle Brothers And Our Minds Are Officially Blown

And it turns out it has been staring us all in the face this whole time.

In the most random family tree news since it was revealed Danny Dyer was a descendant of royalty, it turns out Gogglebox stars Pete and Sophie Sandiford are related to the Chuckle Brothers.

What’s more, their family connection has actually been in plain sight this entire time.

We’re not quite sure how or indeed why, but some fans have picked up on old tweets sent by Paul Chuckle that revealed he is Pete and Sophie’s great uncle.

Paul – whose real name is Paul Elliot – is, of course, famous for the legendary kids TV show Chucklevision, which he appeared on with late brother Barry from 1987 to 2009.

The Chuckles’ relation to Pete and Sophie was picked up on thanks to a throwback photo he posted in March 2019, writing: “This day 2018 with my great niece and nephew.”

Just a few months later, Paul also shared a photo of a lunch date with them and some others, calling himself a “proud uncle”.

Sophie also paid a public tribute to Barry, following their great uncle’s death at the age of 73 in August 2018.

She called him a “truly lovely and funny man to be around”, writing: “You filled millions of childhoods with laughter and entertainment including mine and Peter’s. You will be sadly missed by many. Rest in peace Uncle Barry.”

Quoting the Chuckle Brothers’ famous catchphrase, she added: “Lots of love from me, to you.”

Pete and Sophie have been known to deliver many chuckles of their own since joining the cast of Gogglebox in 2017.

The siblings will be back on the sofa with the rest of the gang as the show returns for a new series on Friday at 9pm on Channel 4.


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