07/01/2019 05:09 GMT

Golden Globes: These Tweets Sum Up The Joy Of Richard Madden Winning An Award

"Richard Madden in a romantic comedy immediately please, thanks."

Richard Madden had a seriously good Sunday night, triumphing at the Golden Globes with an award for his star turn in ‘The Bodyguard’. 

The 32-year-old was rewarded with the Best Actor in a Television Drama prize for his portrayal of Sgt. David Budd and fans on both sides of the Atlantic were understandably delighted to see him win. 

Within minutes, the actor’s name was trending on Twitter too as thousands rushed to share their thoughts. 

Here are the tweets which sum up the joy of him winning a Golden Globe... 

We can’t get enough of Americans loving him

This is a very good plan for what Richard should do next 

Is there any way we can crowdfund this? We’re ready to donate.   

These screengrabs of his many faces are gold 

He’s not quite on the same level as Winona Ryder at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, but these are impressive nonetheless. 

Some people just cannot stop seeing him as Sgt. David Budd 

It was super cute when Richard thanked his parents

“Mum and dad, who flew all the way from Scotland, I wouldn’t be here without you,” he said. 

And finally, there’s everyone’s total joy at this turn of events (Richard and us included)