'Good Morning Britain' Presenters Forced To Think Fast After Technical Glitch

The weather report looked a little different during today's show.

The ‘Good Morning Britain’ presenters were forced to think on their feet on Tuesday morning (15 March), when the show was nit by a number of unfortunate errors.

During a live link, Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan were forced to explain to viewers that weather presenter Laura Tobin would be unable to do her regular segment, due to a technical glitch.

Piers explained: “This is really exciting now because Laura, our brilliant Laura, the weather doyenne of doyennes is in Devon but as everyone who lives in Devon knows, satellites never work so we can't connect with her.”

<strong>Susanna Reid, looking as gleeful as ever to be seated next to Piers Morgan</strong>
Susanna Reid, looking as gleeful as ever to be seated next to Piers Morgan

But how were the loyal viewers of ‘Good Morning Britain’ to learn of the days’ weather, we hear you cry. Fortunately, sports presenter Sean Fletcher was at hand to jump in.

He joked: “I was the person who pulled the plug out of her truck in Devon so I'm doing this weather.”

<strong>Sean Fletcher gets ready for his close-up</strong>
Sean Fletcher gets ready for his close-up

But satellite issues weren’t the only problem to hit ‘GMB’ on Tuesday, after viewers noticed a rather glaring spelling error on a banner, referring to ‘EastEnders’ as... ‘EatEnders’.

Oh dear.

When it comes to live TV, the ‘GMB’ presenting team have proved time and time again that they’re able to cope under pressure, most notably last year, when a cool Susanna Reid took control of the situation as the studio was evacuated live on air.

And just last week, Kate Garraway laughed off what could have been a seriously embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, accidentally revealing a bit too much when Ben Shephard pretended to dunk her into a pool of water.

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