05/05/2017 15:58 BST

‘Good Morning Britain’: The Highs And Lows Of ITV’s Breakfast Show

ITV's breakfast show hasn't always been a big hit.

‘Good Morning Britain’ might be flying high with impressive audience figures, but the path to success hasn’t always been smooth.

With Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan now at the helm for most of the week, viewers are tuning in in their droves, but the programme hasn’t always hit headlines for the right reasons.

Since its launch back in 2014, fans of the ITV breakfast programme have seen a series of high profile interviews - some insightful, some eye-wateringly awkward - as well as accidental moments of hilarity and countless displays of patience from Susanna.

So, with the programme’s third anniversary is now behind us, we’re taking a look back at GMB’s highs and lows…

  • 1 April 2014: Things Get Off To A Shaky Start
    800,000 viewers tuned in to watch the launch show, but by the end of the week, this figure had dropped by 100,000. Ouch.
  • 2 May 2015: The First Awkward Interview
    Freddie Starr stormed out of a chat with Susanna, which was his first interview since sex abuse allegations against him were dropped
  • 3 June 2014: 'Axe' Rumours Begin
    The show was barely two months old when claims that it would be ditched began circulating. Little did critics know, there was life in it yet.
  • 4 June 2014: Bill Turnbull Urges Susanna To Ignore Critics
    PA Archive/PA Images
    We really like this picture of Bill, so that's why it's here. OK? Good. 

    Susanna's ex-BBC colleague urged her to disregard unkind words, as GMB's ratings continued to fall.

    He said: “It’s hard getting flak but she should let it go over her head. If you are a presenter you get all kind of things written about you in the papers and on Twitter.

    “But if you let that get to you then you are finished.”
  • 5 August 2014: The Ice Bucket Challenge
    Remember when this was a thing? 

    Susanna and Ben were actually among the first British stars to take on the freezing cold challenge - and even did it live on air.
  • 6 February 2015: Susanna's David Beckham Interview
    Susanna's charm offensive was in full swing for this one, and who can blame her? 
  • 7 April 2015: Piers Makes His Debut
    Little did we know, he'd be a permanent 'GMB' fixture in less than 12 months' time. 
  • 8 April 2015: Susanna Grills Protein World Boss After Tube Ad Controversy
    Yes, Susanna is comfortable having a little flirt with David Beckham when needs must, but can we also acknowledge that she's also a trained, professional journalist? Get yourself a presenter that can do both. 
  • 9 June 2015: Susanna's Fancy Footwork
    There's something undeniably funny about this video of Susanna trying to hide her breakfast with her foot, OK? 
  • 10 November 2015: Piers Is Back 'By Unpopular Demand'
    Jeff Spicer via Getty Images
    That's not us being shady - this was the tagline ITV actually went with when they announced Piers' new, permanent job on the programme

    Well... They weren't wrong, were they? 
  • 11 December 2015: The Presenters Recreate The 'Last Christmas' Video, Because Why Not
    Susanna and co launched the Text Santa appeal with this stunning remake of the iconic video.
  • 12 March 2016: The Donald Trump Interview
    Piers' friendship with Donald Trump helped 'GMB' land his only UK TV interview, which took place when Trump was still campaigning for office. 
  • 13 March 2016: Jeremy Kyle's Guest Stint Fails To Impress
    The talkshow host stepped in while Piers was on holiday but sadly, failed to win over viewers
  • 14 June 2016: This Depressing Post-Brexit Scoop
    While most of us were still in bed, or enjoying a nice cuppa (or in field in Somerset, shout out to everyone at Glastonbury) Susanna was busy seeing if Nigel Farage's many pre-Brexit vote promises would actually be kept

    Spoiler: They would not.
  • 15 July 2016: Some Viewers Are Totally Sick Of Piers
    Jeff Spicer via Getty Images
    The host responded to a petition, which called for him to be sacked, live on air. 

    After slamming the online campaign - which did, to be fair, have only a few hundred backers - he directly addressed the viewer who started the petition and declared: "Abigail, you have failed in your mission to get me sacked. I will not be sacked. Not for that anyway!” 
  • 16 August 2016: Richard Arnold Does A Holly And Phil
    The showbiz reporter was left unable to control his laughter during a conversation about a dog named Willy. And yes, it's not big or clever, but a good old fashioned innuendo never hurt anyone, eh? 
  • 17 September 2016: Susanna Keeps The Peace (Again)
    The ex-'BBC Breakfast' host was once again left playing peacemaker when Piers clashes with John Prescott. Honestly, if there's ever a job at the UN going, Susanna should submit a few of these clips. 
  • 18 October 2016: This Super Odd William Shatner Interview
    Was he joking? Or genuinely annoyed that a mystery man named 'Neil' wasn't presenting? We'll probably never know the truth. But we can keep watching this video. 
  • 19 November 2016: Susanna Takes Her Life In Her Hands
    Ed Balls' time on 'Strictly Come Dancing' will go down in TV history - though perhaps not for the right reasons. 

    This didn't bother Susanna though, who proved she's a lot braver than us by letting the former MP attempt a dance lift with her
  • 20 December 2016: Honey G's Not-So-Great Performance
    Honey G, eh? Remember when she was a thing? 

    The 'X Factor' hopeful didn't exactly deliver when she performed on the programme, forgetting the words to her own song. *sighs* 
  • 21 January 2017: Ewan McGregor-gate
    Jared Siskin via Getty Images
    You will have noticed that this photograph does not show Ewan in the 'GMB' studio and that is, obviously, because he never made it that far.

    Minutes before he was due to be interviewed, the 'Trainspotting' actor tweeted that he had pulled out, explaining that he had no desire to share a studio with Piers following his controversial tweets about the Women's March.

    As you'd expect, Piers accepted his decision quietly and gracefully. Ha. Who are we kidding?
  • 22 March 2017: Piers Clashes With A Guest For The 458th Time
    This time, it was 'Loose Women' panelist Saira Khan who had the pleasure of being shouted over. 
  • 23 March 2017: An Odd Feud Over Carol Kirkwood
    As if we needed further proof that Piers just can't resist getting involved in a spat, a joke he made about BBC Breakfast's Carol Kirkwood led to a fiery response from Dan Walker. 

    Quite frankly, nobody came out of this one looking good. Apart from Carol herself, obviously.
  • 24 March 2017: Piers Is Actually Left Speechless (For Once...)
    In a rare 'GMB' moment, Piers was left out of the shouting match, as Nigel Farage and Alastair Campbell clashed over - yes, you guessed it... - Brexit
  • 25 March 2017: Ben Shephard And Susanna's Disastrous Dancing
    Well, what can we say? These were two were trying to recreate some moves from Susanna's 'Strictly' days. 

    Alas, it definitely did not go to plan
  • 26 April 2017: Eamonn Holmes Returns To Breakfast TV
    The ex-'GMTV' star was back on the breakfast TV sofa for one week only, while Piers Morgan took a well-needed break. 
  • 27 April 2017: Laura Gets A Nasty Surprise Live On Air
    Well, y'know what they say - never work with animals or children. As Laura found out the hard way... 
  • 28 May 2017: Laura Tobin's Pregnancy Announcement
    The weather presenter revealed her happy news, live on air