19/09/2018 13:42 BST | Updated 19/09/2018 14:04 BST

Piers Morgan Adds MP James Brokenshire To List Of People 'Banned' From 'Good Morning Britain'

The breakfast TV host was unimpressed with Brokenshire's no-show.

Piers Morgan has added yet another name to the ever-growing list of people banned from ’Good Morning Britain’.

On Wednesday, Piers and co-host Susanna Reid had been scheduled to be joined by the Secretary Of State for Housing, James Brokenshire.

However, it was revealed during the show that James had pulled out of his planned interview, due to the “treatment” he received last time he was a guest on ‘GMB’.

It was then disclosed that past tweets from Piers, in which he described Brexit as a “farce”, were also a contributing factor to Brokenshire’s no-show, as they feared he wouldn’t be able to deliver a “fair and balanced” interview.

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Piers Morgan

The furious breakfast TV host then told Brokenshire over the air that he was no longer welcome on the show, insisting: “As if the entire planet doesn’t think Brexit is a farce or that your boss is not a leader.

“So Mr Brokenshire, we’re all for this honestly. We’re all for you deciding unilaterally you’re going to ban ‘Good Morning Britain’ from your schedule today.

“The truth is you’re an unbelievably boring person.”

As Susanna urged her co-presenter not to make things so “personal”, he continued: “I didn’t even know we were going to be interviewing you. If I’d have known, I’d have cancelled you and you’re now banned from ever appearing on ‘Good Morning Britain’ as long as I’m sitting in this chair.”

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James Brokenshire

This year, Piers has said that a number of public figures were banned from appearing on ‘GMB’, including the journalist Owen Jones, with whom he had been embroiled in a Twitter row.

Similarly, singer/songwriter Lily Allen was blocked from being interviewed on ‘GMB’ after she had a war of words with PIers over a gun-shaped necklace she had worn during a concert.

When Lily revealed that Piers had thrown the brakes on her appearance, he insisted he wouldn’t conduct the interview “until or if your new album is a hit”, remarking: “So probably never.”

Lily’s fourth album, ‘No Shame’, has since reached number eight in the UK albums chart and been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize, although her ‘GMB’ interview is yet to take place.

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